NORDP Board Memo

Dear NORDP members,

The Board of Directors and I are thinking about you during this time of change. We are excited about the conversations on the listserv as we continue to be the community we are, leaning on each other through conversation and creating new and agile solutions.

The Board of Directors met this week and I want to highlight a few of the activities that NORDP committees are pursuing to serve all of NORDP – there are so many great things moving forward to complement what you do every day.

  • The conference co-chairs are working with many of you to continue to offer as much of the planned conference content as possible. You will be hearing more about this in the coming month.

  • Volunteers are reviewing the Salary Survey results and updating the salary calculator.

  • The Member Services Committee is supporting our regions: NORDP Northeast region held a highly successful regional meeting in February at MIT; the Upstate NY Region held a quarterly RD meeting; the Great Lakes region is forming a  leadership team; and the Midwest/Mountain Region is planning for their first regional meeting. Reach out to the committee if you are interested in getting involved in Regional activity.

  • The Mentoring Committee is working on offering the next matched pairs of the Mentoring program. Approximately 90 members have already applied to the program and mentors are needed. We all have something to give back – consider applying to the program as a mentor, or a mentee.

  • The New Opportunities for Research Development (NORD) Committee is reviewing the applications they received for the 2020 InfoReady/NORD grant cycle to support research on research development.

  • The Professional Development Committee has put together the following webinars: “Science in Service to National Security,” April 2 at 1:30 pm ET.; “Chat About Research Development Support Going Virtual,” April 3 at 2:00pm ET; “Supporting Senior Faculty: How can RD Professionals Help Faculty with Established Careers ‘Jump Start’ their Research Funding,” April 20th, 2 pm ET. You can register here for any of them.

  • The Board is looking for dedicated members to help move NORDP forward. The Nominating Committee has opened Board Applications; Nominations are due March 31st. Read more about it here.

  • The Annual Business Meeting will be an online event this year on May 20th at 12:00 ET. Look for more information soon.

  • We are also working on the seven Key Result Areas (KRAs) of the strategic plan and will have updates for you in future correspondence.

We don’t know what exactly everyone’s future holds, but know that NORDP will be here for you as we experience it together.


Karen “Fletch” Fletcher
NORDP President

2020 Call for Board of Directors Nominations and Applications

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of NORDP’s Nominating Committee and Board of Directors, I am writing to invite nominations and applications for Board of Directors positions. Nominations for Board positions are due March 31, 2020, and applications for the same are due April 15, 2020. You may self-nominate and do so starting March 17, 2020.

Available positions: Four Board of Director positions are available in 2020. One seat is designated for an eligible NORDP member affiliated with either a Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) and/or a Regional Institution, one seat is designated for an eligible NORDP member affiliated from a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI), and two seats are open to eligible NORDP members from any type of institution or region (at-large). New Board members are elected for four-year terms. (The cover page of the board application form contains definitions of MSI, Regional, and PUI.)

Eligibility: All regular members of NORDP in good standing who meet the qualifications outlined below are eligible to apply for Board of Director positions. Any NORDP member employed by a for-profit company that employs more than 25 people is an affiliate member of NORDP and not eligible for election to the Board. Current Board members whose terms are expiring are eligible for nomination and re-election unless they have already served two consecutive terms (in which case they must wait at least one year before becoming eligible for re-election).

Qualifications: Qualifications for serving on the Board of Directors encompass a number of factors, including:

  • Active support and/or service to NORDP (e.g., at least three years of service on committees, working groups, or other efforts on behalf of the organization). Demonstrated leadership in NORDP activities is preferred. While conference presentations are highly valuable to the organization, they do not in and of themselves constitute active support of the organization or demonstrate that an individual has knowledge of how NORDP operates and how its mission is served.
  • At least five years of research development experience or very closely related experience.
  • Demonstrated progression of duties and responsibilities within the research development profession, including, but not limited to: supervision of other research development professionals, management of a significant research development portfolio, or other major contributions to the research development profession (or a closely related field).
  • Experience serving on community-or institutionally based non-profit boards and/or other forms of organizational leadership (e.g., technical working groups, strategic planning or reaccreditation working groups, etc.).

Expectations: The expectations for NORDP Board members are significant in terms of time and effort. Members are expected to actively participate in the board, head special projects or liaise with committee chairs, and pursue activities that advance the NORDP mission and goals. The time requirement for Board members averages 10 to 12 hours per month with additional commitment for officers. For a full description of the duties, roles, and responsibilities of Board members, please see the Board Member Duties and Responsibilities document and the relevant articles in the NORDP Bylaws.

It is expected that applicants participate in the Board candidate forum at the NORDP Annual Conference. The forum will be recorded for posting in the “members” section of the NORDP website. 

Selection Criteria: The Nominating Committee will evaluate applicants for the ballot based on the following criteria:

  • Potential of applicants to serve NORDP effectively, as reflected in their application materials and other evidence – their description of interests in serving on the Board and the contributions the candidates think they can make, their specific goals for NORDP, and why they think they would make good candidates.
  • Diversity of Board Members is highly desirable, although there are no formal requirements.
  • Diversity of institution type (e.g., location, size, focus, public, private, etc.) is also highly desirable. 

Nomination and Application: Nominators and applicants are requested to prepare submissions in a word processing program and then cut and paste the information into online submission forms. The forms will time out after ten minutes and information is not saved once timed out.

Applicants must also upload a brief résumé/CV (three pages maximum) in PDF format, a brief biographical sketch (200-word maximum), and a high-resolution headshot (2MB maximum file size; 72 dpi is acceptable). Applicants may also submit a letter of support (two pages maximum) from their direct supervisor or a member of NORDP.

  • Nomination: You may nominate another individual for a Board position using the online nomination form by March 31, 2020. Upon receipt of a nomination, the Nomination Committee will contact the nominee to request completion of an on-line application.
  • Application: If you are interested in serving as a Board member, please complete your application using the online application form by April 15, 2020. 

Selection and Voting Processes: All members of NORDP in good standing (including affiliate members) are eligible to vote in the election, which will be held online. The Nominating Committee will review applications and present the nominees to the membership for a voting process according to the following schedule:

  • Two weeks prior to the planned start of the Annual Meeting: The Nominating Committee will notify candidates regarding eligibility and placement on the election ballot.
  • Candidates’ Forum: Nominees placed on the ballot by the Nominating Committee will be invited to participate in an online candidates’ forum (specific date, time, and location will be sent via email to NORDP members, published on the organization’s website, and promoted on its social media platforms). Candidate information will be posted to the NORDP website, and the voting period will run from May 18 to June 8, 2020.
  • July 1, 2020: Newly elected Board members assume their duties.
  • September 11 to 14, 2020: Newly elected Board members should plan to participate in a Board retreat on these dates.
Please contact Kim Patten at or 520-621-5429 if you have any questions regarding the Board of Directors nomination, application, or election procedures. Thank you in advance for your participation in the Board of Directors nomination and application processes, which are designed to ensure strong leadership of NORDP.

Soliciting Member Feedback on Simplifying NIH Review Criteria

NORDP is soliciting member feedback on simplifying NIH review criteria in an effort to answer Bruce Reed, Deputy Director at NIH’s question: How might review criteria be modified to obtain the best evaluations of scientific merit?

NORDP’s mission is to advance the global capacity for and impact of research by strengthening the practice and profession of research development. In an effort to do just that, NORDP, as an organization representing research development, will be responding to NIH’s call for input on simplifying NIH review criteria. You can read more about it here.

Please submit any feedback you might have to by Friday, March 13th so that we can compile the responses and submit a group NORDP response to NIH.

Thank you,
Karen “Fletch” Fletcher
NORDP President

NORDP fosters a culture of inclusive excellence by actively promoting and supporting diversity, inclusion and equity in all its forms to expand our worldview, enrich our work, and elevate our profession.

New NORDP Affinity Groups

Announcing two thematic Affinity Groups: the Academic Medicine/Affiliate Medical Center Group of NORDP (AMC NORDP) and the Predominately Undergraduate Institutions of NORDP (PUI NORDP)

NORDP is proud to provide ways for members to share ideas and support each other as Research Development professionals. One of these ways is through our thematic “Affinity” Groups.

The Academic Medicine/Affiliate Medical Center Group of NORDP – AMC NORDP is our newest such group to engage research development professionals and researchers from diverse institutions with a medical component. This group provides professional development opportunities unique for RD staff working with biomedical researchers, clinician-researchers, and clinician-educators in an academic medicine or affiliated medical center setting and facilitates collaboration among these RD professionals and researchers. Any Active NORDP Member who is interested in or works with/in an academic medicine or AMC is eligible to become an AMC NORDP member. To get involved, contact Heather McIntosh at

The Predominately Undergraduate Institutions of NORDPPUI NORDP supports the professional development of NORDP members from Predominately Undergraduate Institutions and other small, teaching-intensive institutions by fostering collaboration between and among NORDP PUI members and advancing the field of research development at PUIs and other similar institutional contexts.  Many RD professionals in small institutional settings are likely to fulfill many roles beyond RD and work in offices of one or few staff members. PUI NORDP aims to provide professional development support to members who may not have access to such opportunities at their institutions. Any active NORDP member interested in or working at or with a PUI or other small, teaching-intensive institution is eligible to become a PUI NORDP member. To get involved, contact Jennifer Glass at


Karen, aka Fletch
NORDP President

NORDP fosters a culture of inclusive excellence by actively promoting and supporting diversity, inclusion and equity in all its forms to expand our worldview, enrich our work, and elevate our profession.

Calling all volunteers

Faye Farmer

If you’re like me, you are busy. All. The. Time. I have to take care of (check all that apply: ___ myself, ___ family, __parents, __ pets, ___ plants, ___ hobbies, ___ work). But sometimes, I have a free hour or two and want to do something different. What if I could find a way to do something I’m good at for my professional organization? Now is the time!

Welcome to NORDP’s 2020 strategic plan Key Results Area (KRA) 4.1.b Create ways to leverage the strengths & experience of the community. My name is Faye and I’ll be your KRA CHAMPION going forward. (Read on while you hum the Queen song under your breath.)  My role as champion is to work across the organization to advance the work of the KRA. First order of business: I’m renaming this KRA “Bright Lights of NORDP Talent”!

My January activity, with approval from the NORDP Board of Directors, is to advance you–the Bright Lights of NORDP Talent–by launching a trial process that formalizes and publicly posts volunteer requests across the organization. You will have the ability to post a variety of opportunities (e.g., paid and unpaid, specialist and generalist, short term and long). In fact, our KRA’s will be using this mechanism to seek support for their work.

I hope this process and a regular format can increase transparency into the work that we need assistance with as an organization. I also hope that the new format is flexible enough to adjust to high demand times, incorporate the varied skills sets, and meet our different individual availability across the community.

Starting this week and continuing until June 1, 2020, the membership (committees and members) can draft a volunteer form and post it to the listserve. This form should also be sent to (or cc’d to) Forms will be posted on the jobs board and archived regularly. The starting point for this improved process is a request for volunteer help promoting our PEERD program. You can download the form here: 2020 NORDP Call for Volunteers

I invite you and your committees to seek volunteers for NORDP activities (like creating a database, processing data, completing blog posts, completing small tasks) and let our collective talent shine!

I will ask for feedback at the end of the trial and adjust accordingly. In the meantime, if you want to work with me to find innovative ways of engaging our members in the work of the organization (a.k.a., the Bright Lights Team) send me an email.
Faye Farmer

Okay, carry on with taking care of business!!

NORDP Membership Grows to Over 1000

While many of us were home unwinding during the holidays, NORDP quietly gained its one thousandth member.

Although the occasion wasn’t marked by cake or fireworks this is something to really celebrate! In just ten years we have grown from 212 members to over one thousand… and counting.

This rapid growth – the kind that leaves benchmarks in the dust – wasn’t driven by luck. The secret recipe to NORDP’s overwhelming success is you. Yes, you!

Thanks to your engagement, participation and commitment, NORDP is realizing our shared dream to advance the global capacity for and impact of research by strengthening the practice and profession of research development. And that makes NORDP an exciting place to be.

One year ago the Board sent members a Member Needs and Satisfaction Survey asking about the value, quality and usage of various NORDP programs. More than 88 percent of our members said NORDP programs met their needs well.  Members rated NORDP’s value for their money 4.46 on a five-point scale where 5 is the highest rating, and the quality of what we do was rated even higher at 4.68.

And of course, there was our sold-out conference last year. What a great way to underscore that our collective efforts to meet professional needs are timely and on track!

So, as we start this new year with more members than ever before, and plans that will lead us even farther forward, let’s stop and celebrate for a minute. Congratulations to all of us for doing such an amazing job with our incredible organization!

I’m looking forward to celebrating with you at our conference in San Antonio this May. Look for registration announcements soon.


Karen aka Fletch
NORDP President

A Message from the President

Welcome to a new year!

I am excited to share the NORDP 3-year Strategic Plan with you today.

Your Board of Directors put a lot of effort into sorting feedback from member surveys, Board members, and past leaders, to ensure that NORDP continues to be the ambitious, innovative, and progressive organization that meets member needs.

Some highlights:

We have shortened and revised our mission statement in an effort to concisely align our strategic efforts with the organization our members want and need: The mission of NORDP is to advance the global capacity for and impact of research by strengthening the practice and profession of research development.

We identified seven common priority areas, or Key Result Areas (KRAs), that we will be focusing our attention, efforts, and resources on in the next three years:

  • governance
  • communication
  • career and professional development
  • diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • advancing the field of RD
  • membership
  • external relations

You will be seeing more information in the coming months about mobilizing these seven areas. If you are interested in working with us, please reach out and get involved. You can find more details on the plan and who to contact to get involved by visiting the following link to view a video or read the transcript.

Thank you for your membership and for your involvement in NORDP. You make NORDP the organization it is and shape its future.

Karen aka Fletch
NORDP President

Reminder: NORDP Strategic Plan Announcement Jan 10th

Please join NORDP President, Karen Fletcher, on Friday, January 10, 2020 from 2:00 – 3:00pm EST for the announcement of the NORDP Strategic Plan that was approved by the NORDP Board of Directors. This announcement will be via Zoom and you can join the meeting by using the log-in information below. Information about the Strategic Plan will be disseminated after the meeting via the blog and website for those of you unable to attend January 10.

Topic: NORDP Strategic Plan Roll Out to Membership

Time: Jan 10, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 592 952 056

One tap mobile +16465588656,,592952056# US (New York) +16699006833,,592952056# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location +1 646 558 8656 US (New York) +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

Find your local number:

Strategic Plan Announcement coming early 2020 – A Reflection on 2019

shutterstock_315818024.jpgHappy Holidays from NORDP!

As we close out the 2019 year, I want to thank you for your membership. NORDP’s strength is in our membership and your willingness to volunteer and share information. You make this organization one of the best gifts of the year.

Looking back on 2019, it has been a big year. Because of member volunteer efforts, we’ve hosted webinars, matched mentor and mentee pairs, strengthened alliances, provided diversity, equity, and inclusion training to leadership, awarded NORD grants, increased our membership to nearly 1000 members, and hosted our first-ever sold-out conference! And there are even more endeavors that have been accomplished that are too numerous to recount here. Congratulations to all of you on a successful year!

The organization also embarked on a formal strategic planning process that started with a membership survey we asked all of you to participate in in January (thank you for your participation). We followed up with member polls and conducted surveys with current and past leadership. Your Board of Directors met in September for two days and worked to create a strategic plan for the next three years. Since then we’ve been finalizing the plan and working on a budget that can operationalize the plan.

I am excited to announce that on Friday, January 10, 2020, from 2:00 – 3:00pm EST we will be announcing the outcome of the strategic planning session and the three-year strategic plan! We are really excited about it and looking forward to announcing it through a Zoom conference where we will be live and you can ask any questions. So, save the date! Call-in information will be sent out early that week. If you cannot attend, no worries! We will be recording it and posting more information on the website.

Thank you for your support and your trust in this Board as we embark on this journey together. I appreciate all of you as members, volunteers, past and current leaders, and research development professionals. I am excited to support all the great plans for 2020 and can’t wait to work with you all.


Karen, aka Fletch
NORDP President

NORDP fosters a culture of inclusive excellence by actively promoting and supporting diversity, inclusion and equity in all its forms to expand our worldview, enrich our work, and elevate our profession.

Announcing New NORDP Membership Categories

I am pleased to announce that the NORDP Board of Directors has approved two new categories of NORDP membership: Trainee and Emeritus. This step is consistent with our goals to: 1) create a pipeline for new members, and 2) retain the expertise and commitment of active members who wish to continue to participate in NORDP after retirement. Many thanks to NORDP’s Member Services Committee for their thoughtful proposal and recommendations to the Board that resulted in this exciting development, especially to Samar Sengupta and Maile Henson.

Click here for details on Trainee and Emeritus Memberships:


Karen “Fletch” Fletcher
NORDP President

NORDP fosters a culture of inclusive excellence by actively promoting and supporting diversity, inclusion and equity in all its forms to expand our worldview, enrich our work, and elevate our profession.