Introducing the Inaugural NORDP Journal Editorial Board

The New Opportunities for Research Development (NORD) Committee is excited to announce the inaugural editorial board for Research Development Review: The NORDP Journal. Keep your eye out for more information regarding the first volume, which is scheduled to publish in Fall of 2024!

Holly Zink

Holly Zink, Co-Managing Editor-in-Chief

Holly Zink, MSA, ACRP-CP, is the Director of Research & Programs at CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. She has served first as the Associate Editor and now as Deputy Editor of the Journal of Research Administration and is the Chair of the Author Fellowship Program for the Society of Research Administrators International. She is also an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Natural Science Illustration. Over the years, Holly has worked as a part of several close-knit teams of researchers from many different disciplines and nationalities with broad experience in research development and medical research environments.

Holly offers a unique combination of professional, academic, and research experiences. Her mission is to develop a culture of collaborative investigation that eliminates traditional definitions and boundaries of research and promotes the joy of research. Holly’s research agenda is at the intersection of biomedical research, innovation and strategy, and research administration. Holly is eager to leverage her skills and the capabilities of NORDP and the Editorial Board to further the profession of research development.

David A. Stone

David A. Stone, Co-Managing Editor-in-Chief

David Stone, Ph.D., is the Vice President for Research and Professor of Interdisciplinary Health and Professor of Philosophy at Oakland University.  He oversees all aspects of the Oakland University research enterprise, including all research development, research compliance, and research mobilization activities, as well as all pre- and post-award activities through the Office of Sponsored Programs. David’s other roles include Associate Vice President for Strategic Innovation and Planning, Associate Vice President for Research, and Director of Sponsored Projects at Northern Illinois University.  

In 2014-15, David served as an American Council on Education Fellow. He has served as President of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP), and is a member of the Charter Class of NORDP Fellows. He currently also serves as President and Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Transformational Education and Responsive Action in a Technoscientific Age (ITERATA). Over the past 25 years, he has taught and conducted research at Harvard’s Schools of Medicine and Public Health, Tufts University School of Medicine, Sheffield University (UK) and NIU.  David served as founding director of the South East European Research Center (Greece) where he developed and directed a multidisciplinary PhD program focused on addressing the needs of the Balkan nations following cessation of the Balkan Wars. Prior to that, he served as co-founder of the Pediatric and Adolescent Research Center at Tufts University, as director of Harvard’s Boston Violence Prevention Project, where he founded BostonCares for Injured Youth and as a faculty member for the medical School’s clinical fellows program where he founded the Boston Colloquium for Qualitative Research in Health. David has published in seven disciplines, and taught in five. His recent scholarship examines the nature of interdisciplinarity and takes a transdisciplinary approach to public health, education, and research development.

Nina Exner

Nina Exner, Co-Managing Editor – Publication & Design

Nina Exner, Ph.D., is Associate Professor and Research Data Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has served on boards of three research library journals. Nina teaches faculty about scholarly communication and publishing trends. She worked on the NORD Committee’s journal subcommittee from its beginning in 2021. Nina says, “I’m thrilled to see RD evolving to include a professional literature with its own ‘home.’ As a practitioner-researcher I feel like intellectual ownership of the study of our profession is a key part of evolving and creating our unique professional identity. And most of all, I’m really looking forward to the chance to read all of the articles that come out!!!”

Michael Spires

Michael Spires, Co-Managing Editor – Publication & Design

Michael Spires is Research Development Officer at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. He has been an active NORDP member since 2012 and has been working in research development since 2006. Michael is a past president of NORDP, served on the Board of Directors from 2014-2018, is a current PEERD Expert, and was a founding member of what’s now the NORD (New Opportunities in Research Development) Committee. Michael worked on the NORD Committee’s journal subcommittee from its inception in 2021. He has served as a peer reviewer for several federal programs and institutional and inter-institutional programs. Michael says, “Way back in the mists of time, I was a typesetter for a local newspaper (and for my college newspaper), and an editor for the literary magazine in high school (a.k.a back when dinosaurs roamed the earth). I’m thrilled to serve as co-managing editor, publication & design, for Research Development Review: The NORDP Journal; this is something we’ve been building toward as a profession and an organization for as long as I’ve been part of both. I can’t wait to start producing content that helps us tell the story of RD as a profession, how it works, and what all of that means to people who aren’t RD professionals.”

Jennifer Speed

Jennifer Speed, Co-Managing Editor – Copy Editor

Jennifer Speed, Ph.D., is a Research Development Strategist at Princeton University. She has been a member of NORDP for four years and has been working in research development for ten years. Jennifer is a scholar and a writer. She says she is looking forward to advancing the professional field of research development through the research to be shared through the journal, and to collaborating with NORDP colleagues in this important work, “The journal offers great possibilities for advancing the professional field of research development.”

Anna Dalby

Anna Dalby, Co-Managing Editor – Copy Editor

Anna Ponzi Dalby is currently interim Associate Director of Research Development at Tufts University where she began in 2017 after roles as an editor, university lecturer, and community program leader. Currently she focuses on building partnerships that advance both faculty and institutional research development capacities, and on designing innovative and creative approaches for faculty to navigate long-term research career strategies and institutional priorities. Anna specializes particularly in education and interdisciplinary proposals, and on developing strategies for the intersection of science and humanities / arts research approaches. Her work builds on both an international background and doctoral work in literature. Anna is currently pursuing her MFA in creative writing.

As a member of NORDP since 2019, Anna has attended and presented at the national conference, most recently on a writing community for early female faculty and on a tool for cultivating regional collaborations. She is active in the NORDP Northeast region. Anna says that she “looks forward to combining her publishing, editorial, and RD expertise in the service of building our knowledges around and advancing scholarly approaches to research development.”

Rachel Goff-Albritton

Rachel Goff-Albritton, Co-Managing Editor – Peer Review

Rachel Goff-Albritton, Ph.D., serves as the Assistant Director of Research Advancement and Mentoring in the Florida State University Office of Research Development and leads the FSU Research Mentor Academy. Rachel began researching barriers and facilitators to faculty grantsmanship six years ago while mentoring in an undergraduate research opportunity program. With a background in clinical sciences (speech-language pathology) and a doctorate in Communication Sciences and Disorders, she began researching this topic for her RD role in order to provide evidence-based research support services. Rachel recently published a peer reviewed article in the Journal of Research Administration – Faculty Views on the Barriers and Facilitators to Grant Activities in the USA: A Systematic Literature Review.  She is an active member of the NORDP Mentoring Committee’s Mentor Training Team and has served on several other NORDP committees or programs, such as the Nomination Committee, the Mentoring Committee’s Facilitators Team, the Leadership Forum, and the NORD Committee’s journal subcommittee. Rachel says, “With a background in clinical sciences, I value evidence-based practice. I look forward to being a part of the creation of the Journal which will advance the RD field and the quality of our work.  I greatly enjoy continuous learning opportunities and look forward to reading and learning from colleagues’ manuscript submissions!”

Paula Carney

Paula Carney, Co-Managing Editor – Peer Review

Paula Carney, Ph.D., is Director of Research Development in the School of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago. Previously, she held faculty appointments at the University of Tennessee, Northwestern University, and Chicago State University. Paula has served on the editorial board of an academic research journal, currently is a peer reviewer for several US and International research journals and was an acquisitions editor for a major academic publisher. Her previous roles focused on faculty research career development, learning and development of research staff, and mentoring/mentor training within the academic research enterprise. Within NORDP, Paula serves on the Mentoring Committee where she is part of the Mentor Training Team.