Online Professional Development Work Group Wants You!

A request from NORDP’s Effective Practices and Professional Development Committee

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the field, the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP) offers a variety of ways to continue your professional development. The annual conference, lively discussions on the listserv, and the sharing of resources enable us to grow as professionals in the field as well as form a strong community. This academic year, NORDP’s Effective Practices and Professional Development (EPPD) Committee will bring you a selection of webinars designed to keep you at the top of your game.

Through the efforts of the Online Professional Development (OPD) working group of the EPPD, NORDP is building a robust library of webinars covering a variety of topics important to research development. By selecting the “Member Center” tab on the left-hand navigation bar of the NORDP website and then clicking “NORDP Professional Development,” you will find all previous webinars as well as information on our upcoming offerings. The webinars cover current topics (e.g., crowdfunding), process topics (e.g., growing your research development unit), and tips for some of the more challenging aspects of our jobs (e.g., strategies for supporting junior faculty).

The ODP’s goal is to produce six webinars over the coming year. We strive to provide topics that will appeal to the wide variety of NORDP members. With such a diverse membership, this is not always easy. Our members represent small, medium, and large institutions with ranging research budgets and strategic plans. Our experience in the field ranges from less than one to more than 25 years, and we can be a one-person shop or part of a large team. As such, finding webinar topics to meet the needs of the entire membership can be challenging, and we would appreciate your ideas and participation!

The EPPD, and especially the OPD, is a particularly active committee within NORDP, and we are always looking for more members. We have a succinct and well-developed operating manual for our activities, so jumping in is easy! Some ways you can get involved include:

  • Identifying potential webinar topics. If you go the extra mile and can find an appropriate (and willing) presenter, even better!
  • Volunteering to facilitate a webinar, which includes working with the presenter and the OPD leadership to arrange, advertise, and conduct the webinar.
  • Suggesting new ways our committee can meet the needs of NORDP members.

Your input into the OPD’s efforts is vital to ensuring the webinars meet the needs of the NORDP membership. Please consider getting involved in the EPPD!

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