Representing NORDP at the University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute

Mentoring Committee Members Jan Abramson, Paula Carney, and Geoffrey Pollock represented NORDP at the University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute in late October. Addressing the conference theme Mentoring in an Interconnected World, the Mentor Training Team developed “Virtual Mentoring: You’ll Never Walk Alone.” The presentation, presented virtually (of course), provided a high-level overview of the NORDP 1:1 Mentoring Program.

To support virtual mentoring, we discussed the importance of 1) developing expertise in mentor training, 2) adapting the Center for Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research’s (CIMER) Entering Mentoring curriculum for Research Development Professionals, and 3) developing and piloting virtual mentor training workshops. Because the NORDP 1:1 Mentoring Program has always been virtual, there was a great amount of experience and best practices to share.

Using the Mentoring Relationship Roadmap, participants were led through the support of the 1-year mentoring program. We had the opportunity to share lessons learned and adaptations that have been made, as well as program successes. The idea could not be simpler: help less experienced colleagues navigate the professional landscape by sharing relevant knowledge and insights. NORDP Mentor Training Team members shared knowledge and insights to foster development of mentoring in broader professional settings.

The presentation was a collaboration of the Mentor Training Team, and an article based on the work will be published in The Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching later this year. Special thanks to all who were involved!

Partlow, K., Widmer, D., Severan-Webb, E., Sengupta, S., Pollock, G., Goff-Albritton, R., Finch, T., Dickey, E., Boman, K., Abramson, J., Carney, P. Virtual Mentoring: You’ll Never Walk Alone. The Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching. Vol 5 (December 2021, Special Issue 14) pp 574-580.