Member Services Committee Update – Fall 2018

This is the first in a series of periodic updates on activities of the Member Services Committee (MSC).

NORDP membership continues at an all-time high, hovering around 900 members. This is 100 more than last year at this time. What an exciting time to be a NORDP member!

MSC’s primary purpose is to recruit and retain members. We also work with other NORDP committees to improve member resources and services to enhance the member experience.

A few of the many projects we are advancing during NORDP’s FY19 are described briefly here:

  • Ron Fleischman and Kendra Mingo are co-leading the PUI Subcommittee to engage and increase the number of active NORDP members working at PUIs. Ron is spearheading a PUI “Affinity Group” application to the NORDP Board.  PUI Affinity Group status would provide opportunities to increase support and resources to this group of members.
  • Vanity Campbell is leading the MSI Subcommittee’s efforts to enhance outreach to current members and recruit potential members working at MSI’s, which includes HBCU, Hispanic Serving, Tribal, and other underrepresented groups.
  • Samar Sengupta and Maile Henson are researching potential interest in establishing new NORDP member types for retirees (to help retain and share extensive knowledge of the RD field) and for postdocs who might be recruited to the RD field.
  • Gretchen Kiser is leading the Salary Survey Subcommittee’s efforts to update NORDP’s salary survey, with plans to launch in early 2019 and present results at the 2019 NORDP Conference in Providence, RI.

MSC knows that NORDP members are doing great things at their home institutions and we want to hear about them. Please tell us about your special achievements or recognitions so we can share them with our NORDP colleagues around the world. (Send to MSC member Dan Campbell at

If you would like to learn more about the Member Services Committee please contact our chair Kathy Cataneo at or co-chair Kay Tindle at

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