We Want YOU for Research Development 101!

As part of the organizational commitment to make Research Development (RD) 101 the signature offering of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP), we have been investing in the professionalization of the course. As part of that work, we are interested in creating a sustainability plan for facilitators for the course. We are asking for expressions of interest via a Google form: https://forms.gle/Sat1vqCAZF4VL5jN9 

Request is open until: The positions are open on an ongoing basis. 

Remuneration: This is a volunteer position. 

What you will do: You will be working with the two lead facilitators and a small team of board champions to deliver established curriculum and contribute to improvement of that curriculum over time. You may be asked to train others once you are proficient. If you have interest other than facilitating, please consider adding your name to the list as well. 

What you will need to bring to the role: A passion for sharing what Research Development is. 

How often will you be asked to participate: The lead facilitators will reach out to individuals as needed to determine interest and availability. If you’re interested now or later, sign up now. They will work with your schedule and keep the list alive. 

How long will you volunteer: The frequency and duration of RD 101 is evolving as it improves, but we hope to offer it up to three times per year. Facilitators can do one or more courses. 

Sign up today! We would appreciate a robust list of interested individuals to approach during the coming year. 

Questions? Email Joanna Downer at joanna.downer@duke.edu or Faye Farmer at Faye.Farmer@asu.edu

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