NORDP Pre-Conference Workshop Highlight: Peering into the Future

#NORDP2017 starts Monday, May 8 in Denver, CO. Keep checking back here at the blog and on our Twitter feed (@NORDP_official) for live conference updates. Register here:

Peering into the Future: How Research Development Professionals can Proactively Advance Faculty Grantsmanship Skills a Through Better Understanding of the Peer Review Process

Have you served on a review panel? Have your faculty? Do you know that the #1 recommended activity (according to the presenters) for improving grant-getting effectiveness is serving on a review panel?

Put yourself in a position to describe the review process in detail to your faculty, so that they can write to the review.

Also, learn how to design and execute a Mock Review that you can deliver to your own campus.

What faculty have said about the Mock Review at the campuses of the presenters:

“This was a major highlight”

“I don’t think I can emphasize enough how helpful and relevant this was, EVERY new investigator should have an opportunity to do this, it was transformational in terms of actually moving me closer to being the independent investigator I want to be.”

“This was definitely the highlight of the workshop.”

“Susan is another great resource. I really appreciate her effort to put the mock review together for us. And until this session with Susan, I don’t think I would have thought much about the review process (unless I was invited to be on the panel), however, after the mock review I really understand how important it is to know what goes on during the review process and how my proposal will be viewed.”

“Excellent speakers. Truly insightful comments. Experience shared truly touches the point. I really appreciate it.”

This workshop will focus on providing both scholarly and practical information as well as interactive tools that Research Development professionals can use to help faculty, particularly junior faculty, understand the critical importance of the peer review process in grant development success. The workshop will help build grantsmanship skills as well as the ability to teach those skills to faculty, and further participants’ understanding of the peer review process.

About the Facilitators:

Susan Carter, J.D. is the Director of Research Development Services for the University of California Merced, a position she has held since starting that office at UC Merced in 2008.

John Crockett, PhD. is the Senior Director for Research Advancement at the San Diego State University where he developed the Grants and Research Enterprise Writing (GREW) Fellowship program that provides support for junior faculty to grow a successful and sustainable academic career.

Holly J. Falk-Krzesinski, Ph.D., is the Vice President for Strategic Alliances at Elsevier and a Senior Adjunct Instructor at Northwestern University, where she has been teaching grantsmanship courses for 10 years.

Click HERE for full information and to register.

Stay tuned for more workshop previews! In the meantime, you can see full descriptions of each workshop HERE.

Each workshop takes an interactive, hands-on approach, introducing new tools, techniques and training to incorporate these tools into your research development activities. Workshops will also provide opportunities for networking through small group discussion and interaction.

Workshop sizes are limited, so please register early. For questions or additional information, please contact Kari Whittenberger-Keith. We hope you to see you in the workshops!


We hope to see you at the 2017 NORDP Research Development Conference, which will be held May 8-10 in Denver, CO. For more information about the conference program or to register, visit Follow @NORDP_official on Twitter for all the latest #NORDP2017 updates.

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