Unleash the Possibilities of Your NORDP Membership with the New Orientation Guide

Conversation with Kate Duggan who led efforts to create the newly launched resource.

Who: Kate Duggan, Assistant Director, Research Intelligence

Where: Brown University

Years in RD: 4 years

NORDP Membership: 4 years

What prompted you to initiate the effort to create this guide?

It began last year as one of the initiatives that we looked to explore on the Member Services Committee (MSC). When I initially joined NORDP I worked with six or seven colleagues who were already involved and provided me with guidance on how to navigate the organization. Throughout my years in NORDP I met numerous people who did not have the benefit of co-workers who were also members. It got me thinking about the things that I had wanted to see when I joined and provide a place for new members to find answers to their questions about available resources.  

We put together a working group within MSC that involved Barbara Sasso, Brooke Gowl, Elizabeth Festa, Heather McIntosh, and Kara Luckey. Our main goal was to put everything that NORDP has to offer in one place which would provide a one stop shop to show what we were all about.  

Many NORDP resources are underutilized, and we wanted to show members how to make those things work for you. Translating these things into your work was also a key goal. My favorite part of the guide is our suggested action items. Our thinking was that if you go through the steps of acting on an item you will be more likely to do it again and become more engaged with everything NORDP has to offer. 

What did you learn about NORDP from your work on this project that surprised you?

My main takeaway from this project was the realization of the amazing amount of work being done by volunteers throughout NORDP. So many members are giving of their time and expertise on all the committees, conference, mentoring, etc. It really is humbling to know that such a strong network is out there to assist members with virtually anything. 

The project also gave me the perspective of a new member looking at how to dive into the pool. I knew more than most new members back when I joined due to my colleagues. The process forced me to think about what I would want to know and what would be valuable to someone coming to NORDP as a new member.

I really hope that people will try some of the suggested action items and be open to learning something new about NORDP. I would consider it a win if folks gain new insights or inspiration and get more involved with what the organization has to offer. 

Final thoughts?

Consider joining the MSC. We are always looking for ideas on how to recruit and retain members. The guide will serve as great extension of the committee and provide ways to tap into what NORDP has to offer. Thank you to all my MSC colleagues who helped put this together and I hope the NORDP membership finds the guide to be a valuable resource.

Check out the NORDP Orientation Guide here: https://www.nordp.org/a-guide-to-the-nordp-community

Login to your member account for access to the more extensive members-only version for all the available features of the guide. 

Compiled by Daniel Campbell, Member Services Committee

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