Do you support research development (RD) at a predominately undergraduate institution (PUI) or other small, teaching-intensive institutional context?

Please help us to build knowledge about the ‘landscape’ of RD at PUIs by completing the NORDP PUI survey!

Findings from the survey, which should take approximately 15 minutes to complete, will help the research team (members of the NORDP PUI Affinity Group) to understand the context and needs of RD professionals at PUIs, and ultimately to develop supportive resources, programming, and advocacy tools. Participation in the survey is voluntary. No individuals or institutions will be publicly identified, and no identifying information will be released outside of the research team. 

Thank you in advance for contributing to the advancement of RD at PUIs! Questions may be directed via email to any of the research team members at the below addresses.

Best Regards,
PUI NORDP Survey Research Team

Jessica Bishop-Royce, DePaul University (
Dean Gerstein, Pomona College (
Jennifer Glass, Eastern Michigan University (
Kara Luckey, Seattle University (
Peggy Sundermeyer, ORG Transitions (

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