Call for Volunteers: NORDP LEAD Fireside Chats: Career Stories

Are you looking for a way to become more involved with NORDP?

Do you like the spotlight, enjoy talking with people, and have the ability to think on your feet?*

Or, are you detail-oriented, with good follow through?*

         (*oh, wait, we are research development professionals….we have the skills)

The NORDP LEAD workgroup is actively seeking volunteers to contribute time and talent to the popular Fireside Chats: Career Stories. This is a great opportunity to refine some skills (or try something new), work with fun people, and contribute to the NORDP community. And a bonus: this volunteer opportunity will only take about 2 hours per month.

What we are looking for:

Facilitators/Interviewers for Fireside Chats. Fireside Chats are 30 minutes – responsibilities include talking with the presenter beforehand, finalizing interview questions, and conducting the interviews. Prior Fireside Chats, and the upcoming presenters, can be found here.

Program Coordinator(s) for Fireside Chats. Responsibilities would include arranging speakers, working with First Point Management Resources (FPMR) to schedule, and promoting the event to NORDP members. This role may also include finding members to serve as Tech Hosts or being the Tech Host in an emergency.

Thinking about volunteering? It’s a team effort! You will be mentored by the NORDP LEAD members who have been coordinating the Fireside Chats. You will have support, guidance, and an opportunity to put your personal touches on a well-received NORDP member benefit.

Intrigued? Or know someone who might be great in this volunteer opportunity? Please reach out to Jan Abramson ( We’d love to have YOU as part of this team!

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