Top 5 Tips for Using the Whova app for the 2023 NORDP Conference

Authored by Nicole Brey

The Whova app may be new to many of you attending the 2023 NORDP Conference in Arlington, Virginia, next week.  To make the most of your conference experience, below is a list of the top 5 tips from a new Whova user to best utilize the app.

  1. Navigation: The navigation menu for the app is on the bottom of the screen, with Home in the bottom left corner.  While you are toggling through the Whova app, this navigation menu remains so you can always find the most important areas.  In addition to Home, this includes Agenda, Attendees, Community, and Messages.  On the Home screen, there are 15 boxes for Additional Resources such as Session Q&A, Exhibitors, and Documents.
  2. Agenda: The Full Agenda by day can be located by clicking the Agenda tab on the bottom of the screen.  This includes not only talks and workshops, but also events like scheduled networking breakfasts, breaks, and poster sessions.  When you identify sessions you would like to attend, you can add them to your own personal agenda by clicking on the calendar icon to the right of the session.  This will populate My Agenda, with the tab to the right of Full Agenda.  You can even set a reminder in Whova to alert you 10 or 20 minutes before the session so you do not miss it.  In addition, you can add your own activities to your personal agenda by clicking Add My Own Activity at the bottom of My Agenda.
  3. Tracks: Inside the Agenda area, above Full Agenda and My Agenda, are Tracks with a drop down menu.  Tracks are color coded by things like funder, level, affinity group, region, and other common threads found among the research development community.  You can filter each day’s agenda by tracks to ensure you attend sessions most relevant to your areas of professional focus.
  4. Community: A community chat can be found by clicking the Community tab on the bottom of the screen.  Here you can add a message to an existing topic like Meet-ups or Job Openings, or you can create a new conversation topic.  If there is a specific topic in the Community board that you want to follow, you can click Follow next to that topic.  You can then filter Community by only those topics you are following.
  5. Attendees: The attendee list and profiles can be found by clicking the Attendee tab on the bottom of the screen.  You can browse attendees or search attendees by keyword such as employer name or title.  In the Attendee profile, you can take notes about them or send them a direct message.  The Whova app also recommends connections for you based on their profiles and yours, so be sure to complete your own profile by clicking on your profile picture, and then the pen icon in your profile preview, to make the most of this networking opportunity.

If you would like more in-depth knowledge of Whova features, be sure to visit the Whova Step-by-Step Guide, Quick Tips and FAQs on the app itself.   The Whova Guide is found under the Additional Resources boxes on the Home page.  We look forward to connecting with all of you, via Whova and in person, at the Conference!

Tools ‘n Tips: Making Presentations that Stick

Presented by Melanie Bauer

Many of our workshops to faculty contain some pretty dry information. How do you keep them engaged for the entire presentation? You need to give out “nuggets of wisdom” (takeaways that apply to them). These “a-ha” moments better stick when they directly benefit them.

Examples of workshop topics and how to turn them into a “nugget of wisdom”
  1. Timeline
    • From – Create a detailed timeline for your proposal writing journey
    • To – Planning to write takes longer than you think
  2. Sections
    • From – Learn about the sections of a grant proposal and how to tell a compelling story
    • To – Be a storyteller and entrepreneur
  3. Pitfalls
    • From – Understand common pitfalls for first-time and experienced grant writers
    • To – Find your fits and reach out & All the pieces matter
  4. Tips
    • From – Find out tips for making your proposal stand out
    • To – Get graphic & Grant writing is like applying for a job
Additional “takeaway” examples
  • Follow the money
  • Don’t be a square
  • Know how funders walk and talk
  • Funder priorities are the sprinkles
  • Win friends and influence reviewers
  • Third time’s a charm
  • Level up or move along
  • How to design & teach workshops that work every time by Robert Fitzpatrick & Devin Hunt (
  • Prezi (there is a free version) –
  • This TNT presentation was recorded and can be viewed HERE.
Past TNT recordings can be found on the NORDP Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Past TNT recordings can be found on the NORDP website.
  • Log into your NORDP account (
  • Look for the “Quick Links” menu (blue)
  • Select “NORDP LMS”
  • Make sure you are seeing “All Courses” – scroll down to the bottom and select “SHOW ALL COURSES”
  • Search for “TnT”
  • Select the “TnT (Tools and Tips) Talks”
The next TNT presentation will be Tuesday, December 6th at 12:00pm (eastern).
  • TNT: Writing for a Lay Audience – Presented by Susan Elkins
  • Register HERE.

Do you have a great Tool or Tip you would be willing to share? If so, please contact Dawn McArthur or Emily Devereux. We would love to hear any requests and we’ll see if we can’t find a presenter!