Don’t Just Sit There!

On the campus of Texas Tech (my institution) is a bronze sculpture of Will Rogers on his horse, Soapsuds. A vaudeville performer, stage and motion picture actor, radio personality, and newspaper columnist, Will Rogers was first and foremost a great American Cowboy. He was also known for his aphorisms, which served as a humorous social commentary. One aphorism relevant to Research Development (RD) offices is “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Are you moving forward or are you sitting still?  Does your RD office need a jumpstart?  NORDP’s Program for External Evaluation of Research Development (PEERD) can be the spark to get your RD office in forward motion. PEERD provided my institution, Texas Tech, with best practices and ideas for improvement and expansion that are propelling us on the right track.

Don’t just sit there! Contact for a no-obligation cost estimate. More information can be found at

Submitted on behalf of Kayla Tindle


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