Returning Member Cameo: Nancy Dufau

Who: Nancy Dufau, Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs & Research
Where: Towson University
Number of Years in RD: 20+
Length of NORDP Membership: 5.5

What is your RD work?

I joined Towson University two years ago, where I oversee pre-award, post-award and compliance activities. At TU, we’re building out more support in the research development area, and we have begun offering new services.

What is your professional and education background, experience?Dufau - IMG_0140

I have been involved with grants and grantsmanship for more than two decades. Most has been in higher education, but I’ve also worked with grants for Miami-Dade County and a foundation that was supporting medical research. All in all, I’d have to say my background is eclectic and I think that has served me well. In terms of education, I have a BA in English from Colgate University and an MA in International Studies from the University of Miami. I also was able to work closely with biologists and environmentalists early on in my career. Being exposed to multiple disciplines was great preparation for working with faculty members across all fields and made research development and administration a great fit for me.

What originally attracted you to NORDP?

In my previous work for a small PUI, we focused our efforts on faculty development as it related to grantsmanship. NORDP was offering a distinct focus that was an excellent fit for what we were doing.

How long were you “away” from NORDP?

Two years.

What inspired you to rejoin NORDP?

NORDP has its pulse on the latest in research development and offers a great opportunity to learn more about what others are doing as we expand our services in these areas.

How will your NORDP membership enhance your own career?

I am looking forward to seeing RD practices that we might adopt through the lens of TU. Seeing what others are doing and networking opportunities are tremendous benefits of membership.

Compiled by Daniel Campbell, Member Services Committee

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