NORDP’s Mentoring Program Has a New Reflection Resource!

NORDP icon reflection bubble blueThe NORDP Mentoring Committee continually updates and refines the resources available to support the membership in their mentoring endeavors. One of the exciting new resources available to NORDP members is the Mentoring Reflection Packet.
An essential element in any mentoring relationship is reflection. This allows both the mentee and the mentor to look back at their time together and see what they’ve learned and how this has informed their personal and professional development moving forward. The reflection packet designed by the NORDP Mentoring Committee was specifically created with NORDP mentoring pairs in mind, but it can be utilized for any mentoring relationship.

The reflection packet features a reflection conversation document with guiding discussion questions to encourage thoughtful dialogue between mentee and mentor. It also includes a self-reflection template for each member of the dyad. The combination of the self-reflection and the relationship reflection conversation support the closure or redefining of the relationship. These documents facilitate a productive and formative look-back at the mentoring relationship from all perspectives within the mentor-mentee pair, and aid in determining what path they take forward. Many members continue their relationships beyond the formal “one-year” of the program.

You can view the Reflection Packet here, and find the full repertoire of mentoring resources in the NORDP Mentoring Toolkit. To see how reflection is a part of the mentoring journey as envisioned by NORDP, check out our newly developed Mentoring Roadmap.

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Contributed by the Mentoring Committee

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